Citizens demand the resignation of Layda Sansores and Marcela Muñoz, Secretary of Security of Campeche


Thousands of citizens are participating in this march that will reach the Government Palace to demand the resignations of Muñoz and Sansores.

More than 10,000 citizens took to the streets of Campeche to demand the resignation of Marcela Muñoz, Secretary of Citizen Protection and Security, due to workplace violence, shortages and deficiencies, as well as irregularities and mismanagement in the corporation.

Faced with Governor Layda Sansores’ refusal to dismiss Marcela Muñoz, the main demand of the police and citizens, the resignation of the state governor is also demanded.

Today marks nine days of protest, and in this third march, more citizens joined who support the police not only because they were left to fend for themselves in various operations without protective equipment and poorly planned but also because violence has increased since the arrival of Marcela Muñoz.

The contingent shouts slogans for Marcela Muñoz and Governor Layda Sansores to resign and for President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to realize that this movement is of the police and citizens who are fed up with the insecurity resulting from Muñoz’s inefficiency.

Máynez lashes out against Layda Sansores

On March 22, the presidential candidate of Movimiento Ciudadano, Jorge Álvarez Máynez, stated that in Campeche “people were left wanting revenge”, after the 2021 election, where the Morena party member Layda Sansores triumphed.

In an interview upon his arrival in the state, the Movimiento Ciudadano standard-bearer said that the presidential election “is a new opportunity” to reverse the situation in the entity, where there was recently a protest for the dismissal of the Secretary of Security.

“What I see in Campeche is that people were left with a desire for revenge from what happened three years ago, that people are very aware, very informed and want to have the opportunity to decide with their vote about their future again.” “There is a lot of disappointment with what the bad government of the state of Campeche has done and that the citizen movement is going to make this state, I believe that the truth is going to sweep it with the color orange,” he said. Álvarez Máynez took advantage of his visit to the state to send his solidarity with the security elements who recently protested, which he said, must dignify their profession with better working conditions.

Source: Milenio