What’s happening in Campeche?: Citizens call for the removal of Layda Sansores


Alito Moreno condemned the situation in the state he governed; while PRI senators consider a request for the dissolution of powers

During the afternoon and evening of Thursday, March 20, there were some demonstrations in Campeche to demand the resignation of Governor Layda Sansores San Román, as well as the head of the Secretariat of Protection and Citizen Security, Marcela Muñoz.

The march started on the boardwalk of the capital and ended at the Government Palace, where the attendees turned on the lights of their cell phones, while carrying placards questioning why 30 agents were injured in an operation.

“The police do have mothers. You, Layda, not even a little bit”, “Marcela out, Campeche does not want you”, “President AMLO, enforce the phrase ‘The people put, the people remove’ Enough is enough!”, “the police are not alone, Campeche belongs to the Campechanos”, were some of the slogans read during the mobilization.

Also, hours before the protest, the officers took over the central facilities of the state police demanding dialogue; however, the local administration moved the Secretariat’s work to other offices and announced that the official will remain in her position.

Police Demonstration

The citizen mobilization occurred three days after the start of the Campeche Police work stoppage, after they had to deal with a riot in the San Francisco Kobén prison without the necessary elements, and 30 members were injured, including female officers.

According to some statements made by the security elements, such as to Radio Fórmula, there were violations of women by the inmates, so they have a list of demands where they request the immediate dismissal of Marcela Muñoz, and many have added the resignation of Sansores San Román to the requests.

Furthermore, due to their protest, they accused the Morena government of allegedly suspending gasoline supplies, which has made it impossible to carry out security patrols, so it has been the citizens who have supported the elements.

Despite this, during the last broadcast of El Martes del Jaguar on March 19, the governor sentenced that she will not yield to the supposed threats and sentenced that the official will continue in her position, even with protests throughout the Mexican southeastern entity.

“The Secretary of Security is Marcela Muñoz, she is and will continue to be the secretary”

In response, the former governor of the entity and current national president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Alejandro Alito Moreno Cárdenas, positioned himself on social networks, who described the government of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) as incompetent and supported the protests.

“(…) in the face of the incompetence of the Morena government and the inefficiency of its management, today a peaceful citizen protest was held, which reflects the social weariness due to the setback in the achievements made in terms of security. My total support for their just claim. It is evident that the Campechanos are not willing to stand idly by while they lose their most valuable treasures: security and citizen peace,” he wrote.

For their part, members of the PRI in the Senate of the Republic assured that they will present a request for the disappearance of powers in Campeche and accused Layda Sansores of “incompetence,” because she has not resolved the conflict that mobilizes the state.

Source: Infobae