Campeche Governor Layda Sansores fires 9 police officers

Layda Sansores

Layda Sansores, governor of Campeche, announced through her social networks the dismissal of nine police officers whom she called “scoundrels and corrupt”, as she assured that these police officers “have been reported for harassing women, mistreating, corrupting and extorting citizens”, from what he said, has begun the process of dismissals and reporting these crimes.

Sansores said that she not only “came to be governor, but she also came to fight corruption like our president” (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) has done, and mentioned some of the police officers she referred to by their nicknames “Chevy, Chetos, and Charmin”, assuring that “they will not belong to the police again, because we want the police to be cleansed of people like you.”

She also mentioned that “once removed from office, they will never, ever be able to belong to the corporation we should be proud of.”
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She in turn assured that she would dismiss “the police officers who are necessary to eradicate corruption and harassment”, to dignify the police institution which is “vital to preserving tranquility in the state.”

Source: OEM

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