413 alcohol businesses at risk of being closed


Around 413 establishments dedicated to the sale of alcohol in Ciudad del Carmen are at risk of being closed, since around 54% of the 782 establishments have not renewed their licenses in a timely manner.

For this reason, the coordinator of the Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risk of Campeche (Copriscam), José del Carmen Notario Zavala pointed out that this will prevent the continuity of their businesses, since there is the possibility of losing their licenses and facing effective closure.

And in this situation, only 47 percent of these businesses complied with this obligation, that is, 369 businesses. And those who did not do so, in addition to being closed, will be subject to a fine as established by current legislation.

It should be noted that this sector had enough time to carry out its procedures, since even Governor Layda Sansores extended the period so that people who could not carry out their procedure could carry it out and thereby avoid sanctions.

This situation would not only impact the owners and employees, but also the local economy and the offer of services for citizens. For this reason, authorities call on all affected businesses to take immediate action and carry out the corresponding procedures.

Source: Campeche Hoy