Campeche businessmen will support the Government with the purchase of vaccines

The companies would take charge of immunizing their employees and collaborators

After celebrating the announcement by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, about the opening of anti-COVID vaccines for the business sector and state governments, presidents of various business chambers of the entity affirmed that all affiliated companies would take charge of immunizing their employees and collaborators, and also, there is the possibility of supporting the Federal Government to buy more vaccines for citizens.

The Campeche Business Coordinating Council (CCEC), Víctor Antonio Del Río R. de la Gala, stressed that it is necessary for the private sector to participate in the acquisition of vaccines for its employees, but also, for the Federal Government to see that they are not fought, but only seek that the federation be a facilitator of strategies, support, and economic planning.

He also stressed that he would enter into dialogue with the members of the Council, since there are 18 business chambers with national representation that make it up and they will all be willing to cover the expense they require to keep their doors open, “at the end of the day it is to support the Federal Government, but also a solution for us to continue operating and this improves considerably ”, he said.

Luis Omar Tapia López, president of the National Chamber of Commerce (CANACO), also spoke on the subject, who not only celebrated the Federal Government’s decision but also recommended that they be vigilant in the subsequent process of opening the possibilities of acquiring vaccines since it could be taken advantage of that one, wants to sell fake vaccines and two, that the cost increases.

Like R. de la Gala, Tapia López said that they would be looking for options to support the vaccination of the campechanos, as long as the economy of the members of the chamber allows it, because first they will be their direct employees and then they will analyze their possibilities.

However, in the National Chamber of Industry and Transformation (Canacintra), Esperanza Ortega Azar, claimed that this proposal had been made as a national body for a month and the federation did not respond to them. In this proposal, he assures that the more than 50 thousand companies affiliated with the national Canacintra would be acquiring their vaccines immediately.

Regarding the possibility of helping to acquire extra vaccines to support the Federal Government, she preferred not to comment on the issue because she said it was not up to her.


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