At her request, DJ Steve Aoki hits the mayor of Campeche with a cake in the face



The mayor of Campeche, Biby Rabelo, received a slap in the face from Steve Aoki during the DJ’s presentation at the Carnival of Joy

The DJ, Steve Aoki , performed with great success at the Campeche Carnival of Joy , where he punched Mayor Biby Rabelo in the face .

It was the municipal president herself who shared the moment on social networks and assured that Aoki’s concert was “tremendous.”

During the presentation, Rabelo held a sign with the legend “cake me” to ask the DJ to throw him a cake, as he does in each of his concerts.

Aoki complied with the request and hit a cake in the face of the politician, who continued the celebration bathed in whipped cream.

For the musician’s presentation, the municipality ordered several cakes to be made, which were thrown at the public.

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