Puerto Isla del Carmen remains the main maritime oil terminal in Mexico


Apicam ratified the presence of Pemex at the pier for another 15 years

By registering more than 615 thousand shipments and disembarkations during 2023, which represents an approximate increase of 40 percent, compared to the previous period, the Isla del Carmen Port is consolidated as the main maritime oil terminal in the country, due to its strategic location right next to the most important hydrocarbon fields of the Campeche Sound.

The manager of the Isla del Carmen Port, of the Comprehensive Port Administration of Campeche (Apicam), Estela Díaz Montes de Oca, explained the above and pointed out that Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex), has signed the transfer of rights to its Maritime Terminal in this facility for 15 years, which represents the permanence of its activities in the city.

She detailed that, during 2023, 615,473 shipments and disembarkations were made of people mainly linked to oil activity in the Campeche Sound and with Pemex.

This meant that on average 51,289 workers per month and 1,686 per day moved through this port area, both from Pemex and the various companies that provide offshore services.

She explained that these figures represent an increase of approximately 40 percent compared to 2022 when 487,880 boardings and disembarkations were reached.

“These figures allow us to ensure that the Isla del Carmen Port is consolidated as the main Maritime Oil Terminal in the country, mainly due to the proximity of the most important hydrocarbon fields in the Campeche Sound.”

In addition to the above, Díaz Montes de Oca pointed out that the signing of the 15-year transfer of rights with Pemex ensures that the national oil company maintains its operations on the Island and its port activities.

“We must recognize that this impulse is derived from the support and support that we have received from the governor of Campeche, Layda Elena Sansores San Román, to achieve the objectives and goals that have been established, promoting its growth and development.”

She maintained that thanks to this support, this year they will begin the dredging work of Dock 4 and later of the mouths of the rivers, lagoons, and estuaries of the Terminus Lagoon to promote its rescue and recovery.

Source: La Jornada Maya

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