Campeche’s Xtacumbilxunaán Caves: a stunning natural attraction


The Xtacumbilxunaán Caves are a stunning natural attraction in the state of Campeche, Mexico. Located near the town of Bolonchen, these caves are considered one of the most important in the Yucatan Peninsula, due to their vertical chambers and ancient formations. The name Xtacumbilxunaán means “place of the hidden woman” in Maya, and refers to a legend of love and sacrifice that took place in these caves.

According to the legend, Lol-Be, the daughter of a tyrannical ruler named Timot, fell in love with a humble man named Dzulin, who came to ask for help for his dying mother. Lol-Be gave him money and went to see Xcau, a witch doctor, who could not save his mother. Dzulin and Lol-Be continued to see each other, but Timot found out and locked Lol-Be in the caves. Dzulin managed to find her, but she decided to obey her mother, Lol-Ha, who told her to stay in the caves. She turned into stone with a child in her arms and can be seen at the entrance of the caves.

The Xtacumbilxunaán Caves have an extension of 600 meters and have stalactites and stalagmites that are about seven million years old. They are a sacred place for the Maya, who used them to collect water from the underground streams. The caves are open to visitors who want to admire their beauty and learn about their history.

Source: Turimexico

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