There will be Paseo de Reyes in Campeche


There will be restrictions and sanitary measures that must to be followed.

The Campeche government will allow the traditional Paseo de Reyes, but this time will be limited to 700 permits with strict protocols and sanitary control, as a measure to support the economy of the tenants and merchants who participate in this annual event, said the Deputy Director of Markets, Eleazar Herrera.

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The municipal official warned that the granting of permits is unique and exclusive for campechans tenants of the main market “Pedro Sainz de Baranda”, who in the case of default could run the risk of having their concession as tenants canceled.

“We value carrying out the Paseo de Reyes to support the economy of both the market people and those who participate in the event, who had already bought their items, the economic situation in the state is quite serious and it is a way to support to the local people to do this walk ”, he asserted.

The merchants will begin to settle on the 5th in the afternoon and will begin their sales on the 6th, to pick up their positions on the 7th at noon, but he explained that this time the movement of people on the street will be in one direction only, in a circuit with eight entry points along the walk so that people do not have contact with each other.

They will also apply antibacterial gel and disinfectants at the entrances, taking people’s body temperature will be with new electronic devices such as those used in supermarkets. In total, they will have 50 people per shift for surveillance tasks at the entrances and along the route.


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