What companies do not charge a commission for sending money from the US to Mexico


The Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the Consumer released its monthly report on “Who is who in sending money” and highlighted the companies that do not charge for sending money to Mexico

The Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office ( Profeco ) highlighted in its report “Who is who in sending money” to remittance companies that do not charge for sending money from the United States to Mexico.

It was reported that last August the receipt of remittances was higher than the previous two years.

That is, it increased 23.96 percent compared to 2018 and 5.32 percent compared to 2019.

Who does not charge anything?

The purpose of the report is for Mexican nationals in the United States to detect by what means it is convenient for them to send their money.

This arrival of money represented 3,532 million pesos in August , while in July it was 3,532 million pesos.

Cash shipments

For cash shipments at the cut of October 5, Profeco reported that the remittance company ULINK charges 0 pesos of commission for the shipment and takes an exchange rate of 21.61 pesos per dollar.

In the table, the next two companies with the lowest commission are XOOM and WORLDREMIT, both at $ 4.99.

While PAGAPHONE SMART PAY was ranked as the most expensive with $ 10 commission, followed by MONEYGRAM with $ 9.99.

Deposit on account

For the deposit option to accounts ULINK repeats as the best option together with XOOM and RIAL MONEY TRANSFER , all three charge 0 pesos of commission.

While the most expensive are CLOUD TRANSFER SERVICES and MONEYGRAM , the first with a commission of $ 10 and the second with $ 9.99.

Source: heraldodemexico.com.mx

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