Culinary Arts among the most demanded careers at Instituto Campechano


Instituto Campechano keeps school dropout rates under control, with Rafael Enrique Meneses López, the secretary-general of the educational center highlighting that among the careers with the highest demand is Culinary Arts.

Although Instituto Campechano records low school dropout rates, from 1 to 2 percent, both in its middle and higher education offerings, actions and strategies are implemented to prevent such dropouts, especially to motivate the student community to continue with their professional training, commented Rafael Enrique Meneses López, secretary-general of the educational center, emphasizing that among the careers with the highest demand is Culinary Arts.

He acknowledged that precisely the culinary career reports a dropout rate of said percentage since the classes needed for the development of various subjects, both theoretical and practical, tend to be high-priced, which is a strong economic impact for students and their families.

Meneses López also pointed out that the two bachelor’s degree programs with lower demand indices from young graduates of middle education level are the most recent offerings opened in Visual Arts and Communication Sciences, where the number of interested students has decreased.

He added that there is always a minimum of 3 percent dropouts for each generation, however, to regulate this percentage they have tutorial action, which aims to minimize the impact of school abandonment in young students, therefore it provides support from teachers, both educational and psychological.

Meneses López noted that an increase in overall school enrollment of 10 percent is expected, both at the High School level and for each of the bachelor’s degrees since in high school there will be space for about 168 to 175 more students, both in morning and evening shifts. Meanwhile, in groups of different bachelor’s degrees, an increase of about 35 to 40 people per semester is expected depending on the number of groups that open in each school year.

Source: Por Esto