Palizada Campeche a true Magical Town


Mexico has 111 Magical Towns, some of them with impressive beauty, this is Palizada Bella, the pride of Campeche.

Palizada is a town in the Mexican state of Campeche, head of the municipality of Palizada; It is located in the southwest of the state, in the river region, close to the Laguna de Terminos. It has a territorial extension of 2,071 square kilometers. Palizada was named “Pueblo Mágico” on February 24, 2011.

Palizada owes its name to the large quantity of dyewood called palo de Campeche, palo de Brasil or palo de tinte. Its foundation was on May 18, 1772 under the name of San Joaquin de la Palizada.

The area where Palizada is today was inhabited by indigenous groups of Nahuatl and Chontal origin, who belonged to the chiefdom of Acalán Tixchel, on the contrary to the rest of the state of Campeche where the Mayan culture developed. The area was also one of the first to be explored by the Spanish, who discovered the Laguna de Terminos and the nearby rivers Grijalva and Usumacinta;

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It would be in 1668 when the first immigrants began to arrive. It soon became the main center for the exploitation of precious woods from the surrounding forests, which were transported by river currents until they were shipped in Ciudad del Carmen.

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After independence, and when the federal republic was established, Isla del Carmen and its surroundings, in which Palizada was included, were part of the state of Yucatán, however the lack of concrete definition of the borders caused conflicts with Tabasco; in the same way, when the ephemeral federal territory of Isla del Carmen was established, in the middle of the 19th century, Palizada was part of it; and, from 1857, when the new state of Campeche was created, it was integrated into this new state. On May 21, 1850, the title of the town was granted; on January 1, 1916, the municipality of Palizada was constituted; and, finally, on August 16, 1959, it was elevated to the rank of city by a decree of the governor of Campeche, Alberto Trueba Urbina.

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Palizada is a colorful village with tiled roof houses of French origin, situated on the banks of the Palizada River. The attractiveness of its civil architecture, together with the natural attraction represented by the Palizada River and its surroundings, make Palizada a site with potential for the development of tourism. Around this region are small lagoons.

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The Historic Center of Palizada shows the splendor and cultural wealth that existed in the region, the colorful houses are made with masonry and French tile roofs, which were the product of exchange during the boom in the exploitation of palo de tinte; They also have beautiful windows and doors characteristic of the colonial era.

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The City Hall is made up of two floors of masonry, a small atrium framed by medium columns and topped by a series of semicircular arches, it is roofed with the characteristic French tile, its facade is sober. Since 1858, it has housed the Palizada Town Hall.

River House. It is located in front of the old boardwalk, on the other side of the Palizada River, it was built by Dr. Enrique Cuevas. The building is French style and of singular beauty, it is very different from the architectural style of the city, it has Renaissance and neoclassical characteristics. It has two floors, in the first, there are three bedrooms, a French-style kitchen, a bathroom, and the hall; in the second you can see two bedrooms, a living room, another bathroom, and a balcony. Like the other typical houses.

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