Canada and the U.S. will extend travel ban until June 21


The United States of America has been one of the worst-hit countries by coronavirus in the world. The number of cases has been rising rapidly, and so has the death toll. Despite the rapid increase in the number of infections, Americans have not been in favor of lockdown. 

Canada, on the other hand, has had a strict lockdown in place but has not been able to contain the spread of coronavirus.

Keeping this in mind, both countries are now deciding to extend the travel ban until June 21. 

“It’s too early to lift the restrictions, so we’re working toward an extension,” said one Canadian government source to a media house.

Earlier, on April 18, Canada and the US had agreed to extend border restrictions until May 21. Considering the rise in the number of cases, Canada is now hoping to extend the travel ban for another month.

The restriction will be in place only for non-essential travel plans. All trade travels will be allowed across the border as the US takes 75% of all Canadian good exports. 

The chief Canadian public health officer, on Tuesday, talked to the media about the US being a risk for Canadians, if the travel ban is lifted.

The same travel ban will be proposed for the US-Mexico border too. 

Source: WIO News

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