MÉRIDA YUCATAN.- Lucas Brinach, Ayelén Poledri, and their daughter Alana are an Argentine family that traveled the world in a Renault Trafic VAN, when the coronavirus pandemic left them stranded in Mérida.

Without thinking, they now live temporarily in a house lent by a good Yucatecan who offered them accommodation.

Interviewed by Yucatan Now, the family reported that their adventure began in 2016, when their passion for traveling motivated them to do something different, along with their 13-year-old daughter.

“We are an Argentine family, we lived in the Patagonia of Argentina, in the southern part, we had a conventional life like everyone else, going to the office, school, we worked eight hours, but our rest times did not coincide and we saw each other very little. That as a family began to make us some noise, because we were generating money, but we had little time to enjoy it among ourselves.

This led us to make life changes and as we like to travel, before starting the trip we traveled much of Argentina when we had free time, we were motivated to know how people live in other places, in the towns, how it develops and everything those kinds of situations.

We were also very intrigued to know how they did it in other countries, such as culture, what they eat, we always asked ourselves these kinds of questions and at one point we realized that what we liked most was traveling, so we got as a plan and we started to think about how we could get to know various countries and we realized that the only possible way was to live traveling.

We did not know how to do this or what we needed, many fears began to come about how we were going to solve the basic problems and then we began to empower ourselves and think about possible scenarios, circumstances, we faced fear and what we could do if we reached those points and we devised a master plan.

We said, we are a family, we want to travel the world, we need to have a vehicle that can serve as a house to save money on accommodation, and if you have a kitchen we can also save in restaurants, and then everything was thought to be able to live on the trip, we went out and we were convinced that we were not on vacation, we went out to see places, but we were going to try to spend as little as possible, but it would always be against knowing how to generate money, that was something that always caused us doubt, “said Lucas.

Already ready, they left their home since January 2016 and have already traveled a total of 16 countries, among which are Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama.

As for how they manage to live, Lucas pointed out that it is thanks to income they generate on their own, such as the sale of handicrafts, the sale of bread, temporary jobs, and they also offer digital services. “I dedicate myself to graphic design and everything that has to do with the image of a business and we offer that as we move.”

This 2020, they reached Mexico entering through Chetumal, they passed through the Riviera Maya and Cancun, and in March they arrived in Valladolid, to later travel to Mérida, where the pandemic surprised them.

“When we arrived in Merida the pandemic was declared and we automatically saw that borders began to close, we began to move and the borders were closed and we were stranded on public roads.

A person from here had already contacted us before, he wanted to meet us and he was the one who told us not to leave, he left us at his house, we stayed there for a few days and he offered me his parents’ house where we stayed for a few weeks, then his parents returned to the house and to avoid bothering we made a publication on Facebook to see if we could do a great chain of favors to get a house with our budget to be able to pass the rest of the contingency.

Many people from Merida and other places wrote to us offering their house, hotel rooms, the people were super supportive, they all started to see if they knew someone and we ended up getting a house where we are quite comfortable and where the owner asked us to just take charge of light and water.

“We are super grateful and happy because a whole movement could be generated and people came out to put that grain of sand so that something could be resolved, we saw that this brought out many nice things to people,” said Lucas.

For now, the family will remain in Merida for the duration of the contingency and at the end, they will continue their journey through Mexico, with Campeche as the next destination.

“The contingency changed our lives, as well as everyone else, I think it has been shown that people have a lot of strength in their hearts, and that strength goes beyond borders and beliefs because nobody asks those who help, and that has It has been clear since we started traveling, there are more good people in the world and here in Mexico it has been impressive, “he concluded.

You can follow them as “Traveling the Earth” on Facebook and Instagram, as well as on their website


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