Yucatan Coronavirus: Citizens protests against some Phase 3 contingency measures ” one person per car”


Many Yucatan citizens accuse the new regulations implemented by the state government as classists.

The measures announced by the Governor of Yucatan, Mauricio Vila Dosal for Phase 3 of the contingency against COVID-19 have been pointed out in the different Facebook groups in Merida, as classists as it is claimed that they mainly hit families who do not have high purchasing power.

On Wednesday night, the state president indicated that as of Friday the 24th, only one person will be allowed for each vehicle of private use, and operations will be implemented throughout Yucatan to reduce mobility, among other recommendations.

Yucatan Coronavirus: Protests against Phase 3 contingency measures
Many citizens shared taxis to go to their jobs, something that is difficult now, added to the fact that now they will not be able to be two members of the same family in their car, something that is pointed out as classist.

These measures caused a stir on social networks since it is assured that high-income families in Yucatan have several cars, even in many cases each member of the family has their own personal car.

For this reason, families that have two or more vehicles are not affected in the least by the new provisions, since they will be able to move without breaking the rule of a single passenger, counting on money to buy mouthguards even with the current price premium.

Tremendous social contrast in Yucatan

Others pointed out that the majority who own a vehicle use it as a family car since hardly a single member travels, so those who are still working in essential businesses or who cannot do ‘home office’, will not be able to optimize the use of the car.

For many it does not make sense to take the vehicle to leave it parked all day in their workplace since many of them depend on another member of the family to take them and bring them. In other cases, only one member of that family is the one who knows how to drive, so the rest depends on being taken.

“My sister works in a gas station whose premises are on the highway to Progreso and three times a week she leaves at 10 pm. She does not know how to drive. With this new provision, we will no longer be able to go for it and you will have to pay for a taxi or private transport to return home, ”said one lady.

Yucatan Coronavirus: Protests against Phase 3 contingency measures
There are also signs of fear that many mayors decide to use law enforcement to comply with these new guidelines.

They also commented in this regard that many of those who still have to go out to work do not have the economic capacity to buy face mask at a premium, especially now that they are required for their jobs on a mandatory basis and the governor does not mention mandatory for employers to deliver these materials to the employees.

Most agree that it is correct that the governor has an interest in caring for the health of Yucatecans, but that interest is not enough to justify and justify actions that not only violate the rights and freedoms of Yucatecans but also harm their economy.

The general outcry is that there is an urgent need for these measures that violate the well-being of Yucatecan families to be reviewed and that all government actions, regardless of their nature, be legally founded.

Most agree that it must be very clear that governing is not a matter of goodwill, so it is urgent that these actions be inclusive and transversal, considering the plurality of contexts of Yucatecan families.

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