March 24: Mexico reports 367 coronavirus cases and 4 deaths


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) – Mexico has 367 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country on Monday March 23rd, 51 cases up from 316 the day before, deputy health secretary Hugo Lopez-Gatell said, with a total of four deaths.

Previously the country had reported two deaths.

Mexico City grows quieter as mayor moves to stem coronavirus spread:

The streets in the heart of Mexico City usually clogged with bikers most Sundays grew noticeably quiet after the mayor ordered a popular outdoors event suspended along with other measures, even as the president has so far avoided such action.

Streets and offices across Mexico were increasingly empty as bosses and local leaders urge people to reduce social interaction, as many containment measures have been pushed by local leaders, businesses and ordinary people, but not President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

The Mazatlan Post