Puerto Vallarta down by 50% in the face of the coronavirus world health emergency


Tourism in the Municipality of Puerto Vallarta is down nearly 50% in the face of the coronavirus health emergency.

In the city, there are around 41 thousand rooms for rent offered by hotels, condos, and residences.

“In occupation, it has lowered substantially, people are worried, of course. There are sectors, for example, such as the maids who are very concerned, just like the waiters who have high contact with the tourist, “said the Director of Tourism for the Municipality, Ramón González Lomelí.

Many hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality services have begun rotating employees with one week on and one week off without pay.

If they want to come to Puerto Vallarta we are ready, but recommending that if it is preferable, they stay home.

The official specified that mass gathering establishments such as bars have already been closed and that hotels and restaurants are open with adequate sanitary measures.

Regarding assistance on beaches, González Lomelí pointed out that people are taking their distance and avoiding crowds.

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Source: PVDN

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