Assist Card presents Viaggio Tranquilli for Mexico


The world leader in comprehensive travel assistance and its creative agency Founders presented “Viaggio Tranquilli” its new advertising campaign designed for the Latin American and the United States markets.

The new campaign is about a new creative commitment that seeks, through humor, to give an account of the multiple solutions Assist Card has to guarantee tranquility to travelers and their families.

Assist Card expanded its brand narratives, challenging not only the traditional concept of uniqueness of Latin American families but also disrupted the “new family configurations”. In this line, the proposal exposes different family travel situations, where the company in integral assistance and its services turn out to be the allies to overcome any unforeseen events and thus be able to “travel quietly”.

“We wanted to appeal to a universal insight, and that is that all families have their” things “, each member is a character with different needs. We show moments of tension that can happen in travel, but in a humorous way. That tension is solved by the Assist Card through its multiple services, ”said Checha Agost Carreño, CCO and Founder.

The “Viaggio Tranquilli” vacations show some of the universal peculiarities with which any family could feel identified when traveling.

“In Assist Card we are disruptive, we go straight ahead and break paradigms, so this time we wanted to talk not only about our comprehensive assistance services but about the trips that modern families make, with Assist Card being the company to travel quietly and just devote yourself to enjoy, ”said Alexia Keglevich, Global CEO of Assist Card.

Source: nitu

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