Río Lagartos presents its brand new “Malecón”


Río Lagartos, Yucatan (January 27, 2021).- Río Lagartos has a renewed image and spaces that will become a great attraction for the enjoyment of its inhabitants and the arrival of more visitors who are expected to detonate its economic dynamics and tourist vocation after the modernization works that were carried out on the Malecón of this port, a project that represented an investment of 7.5 million pesos and was delivered by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

On a working tour of this municipality, Vila Dosal inaugurated this work that seeks to improve the face of this destination and provide it with safer spaces, while delivering the reconstruction work of the playground in this port and supervising the rehabilitation work that is being carried out on a section of the highway that connects Panabá and San Felipe.

Together with the commander of the IX Naval Zone, Vice-Admiral Carlos Humberto Lanz Gutiérrez, and the Mayor of Río Lagartos, Eric Alcocer Estrada, the Governor made a tour of the modernization work of the Malecón de Río Lagartos, where 584 linear meters were intervened to offer an attractive area to visit and that boosts the economy and generation of opportunities at this point of the coast.

For the benefit of the inhabitants of this point of the Yucatecan coast, as well as tourists, stamped concrete floors were built in the park, pedestrian walkways and ramps for people with disabilities; lighting was also installed and the area revitalized with the planting of endemic plants, such as sika, coconut palms, dwarf Malay and arecas.

A 5-centimeter asphalt layer was built for the vehicles, for which the road space was reduced and the pedestrian area was enlarged in order to provide greater safety to those who come here to walk. Likewise, public lighting was placed, as well as concrete benches and furniture, among which 3 bike rack modules, 2 children’s games, and 4 modules for physical activation stand out.

Finally, collectors for storm drainage were installed in a 210-meter stretch of roads and the retaining wall was maintained.

In his wake, Vila Dosal, accompanied by the heads of the Secretariats of Social Development (Sedesol), Roger Torres Peniche; and from Fisheries and Sustainable Aquaculture (Sepasy), Rafael Combaluzier Medina, responded to the requests of fishermen, as well as men and women from the port, who requested support for self-employment in order to be able to get ahead in their activities.

Regarding the reconstruction of the playground, the head of the Ministry of Public Works (SOP), Virgilio Crespo Méndez, explained that resources of more than half a million pesos were invested, in order to create spaces that allow families to live together healthily enjoying green areas and playgrounds. 

In addition, the new “Malecon” will function as a generator of social relationships between children, youth and adults, when the conditions of the Coronavirus pandemic allow it.

Before the Secretary of Tourism Development, Michelle Fridman, the state official explained that with this maintenance and conservation work in a space that was in disuse is recovered, for which the decision was made to give vitality to this park again. This space will also help improve the environment of the urban image of the area.

For this project, concrete floor demolition works were carried out to manufacture the ramps for people with disabilities. Also, the existing benches were demolished to provide more space for the playground and the sand was removed to make concrete floors.

On the other hand, walls were built to install blacksmithing and fence that will allow better visibility, the existing children’s games were removed and in their place, 2 children’s games were installed in an area of ​​synthetic grass, two bench modules were manufactured, coconut type palm trees were planted along with green dwarf Malay and lastly, paint was applied.

Finally, the Governor went to verify the rehabilitation works of 1.6 kilometers along the highway that connects the municipalities of Panabá and San Felipe, a work that through an application of resources for more than 4 million pesos will be benefiting inhabitants of these localities and neighboring towns.

Regarding this work, the owner of the SOP indicated that this road, the one that connects the eastern zone with the coast, was one of the most affected by the passage of natural phenomena last year, so, in the first stage, Work has been done on the dirt and 8 water passages are being built with 36 and 12-inch concrete pipes, to help keep the water flowing and prevent it from reaching the surface and deteriorating the road.

In the same way, added Crespo Méndez, as part of the second part, a sub-base of 15 centimeters thick compacted to 95% will be placed, the 3-centimeter thick asphalt concrete folder will be placed and the horizontal marking will be placed.

The mayors of San Felipe, Juana María Baltazar; and from Panabá, Jorge Abraham Jiménez Iuit also attended the inauguration event.

Source: YA

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