Star Wars plane arrives from “a very distant galaxy” to the Merida Airport


The plane from the famous “Star Wars” saga from Houston lands in Merida.

Last Sunday morning the Star Wars-themed plane left the Mérida International Airport to once again take to the skies or, possibly, cyberspace, after landing the previous night in the Yucatecan capital from Houston.

Fans of the George Lucas saga shared the news through social networks, regarding this United Airlines aircraft, which in collaboration with Lucasfilm, was adorned last year to promote the 9th installment of Star Wars, ” The Rise of Skywalker ”.

The plane covers the Mérida-Houston route, after its arrival last night the news spread like wildfire and the fans of this galactic epic were in charge of spreading the news further.

The Star Wars plane

The people who board this plane have a galactic experience, based on that story that happened a long time ago in a very distant galaxy, because not only on the outside it is set with the saga theme, but also on the inside.

The aircraft on the outside is painted black, as if it were a dark starry sky, with the giant Star Wars logo on the sides, with images of fighters from the Galactic Empire, and of course, the well-known X-Wing ships of the Rebels

On the tail, you can see two lightsabers, weapons characteristic in that history of the Force.

But inside, as already mentioned, the experience continues. Travelers are greeted by the main theme of the saga, and they receive a commemorative pin, or handkerchiefs, pens, and even sleep masks.

According to the same airline, in a video the Astro droid R2-D2 is shown projecting the hologram of a flight attendant giving security measures during the flight, as if projecting Princess Leia Organa asking Obi-Wan Kenobi for help, and to top it off, C3-PO tells us “enjoy your flight and may the Force be with you.”


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