Yucatán will nominate Sisal and Maní as Pueblo Magicos


Yucatán will nominate Sisal and Maní as Magical Towns of Mexico, announced by the Tourism Development Secretariat, Michelle Fridman.

Mani Yucatan

It should be noted that, until now, there have only been two appointments of this type: Izamal since 2002 and Valladolid since 2012, so it has been several years since the state had participated in this scheme, taking into account the enormous potential that exists in our territory.

Pueblos Mágicos de México is a successful strategy that has allowed 121 destinations throughout the country to work on its promotion and development, taking advantage of its great tourism potential, history, culture, products, and attractions.

sisal yucatan
Sisal Yucatan

How to get to Sisal Yucatan

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