Most Beautiful Destinations You Can Fly To


Modern technology has enabled us to communicate with people all over the world by text or video call. Add to that the increased availability of global travel, and the planet has effectively shrunk into a village. People can choose to go anywhere by car, train or airplane.

When it comes to planes, people have been given the option to travel long distances relatively quickly. The further people go, the more different the cultures become. Whilst a person may be spoilt for choice, some locations stand high in the popularity charts for tourists. Let’s take a look at a few of these right now.

California, USA

No bucket list should exist that excludes some sort of trip to America. California is highly popular with travelers because of the beautiful sun and sandy beaches. Nature lovers can find the worlds’ tallest trees and intrigued visitors can even enter the Alcatraz prison. Some people consider flying to Irvine using a private jet to California. They utilize global networks that go to and fro this major state. Spontaneous travelers even leave it till the very last minute before booking their flights.

On arrival they find one of California’s most affordable cities. They enjoy temperatures that average 71 degrees and a location with excellently calmed traffic and an environmental conscience. Nature lovers can pop over to San Joaquin’s Wildlife Sanctuary while others visit the Five Point Ampitheater.

London, England 

Anyone who’s travelled to London will understand why it is the capital. Not only is it the financial centre, but it is packed with historical places to visit. Art lovers will find literally scores of galleries. Several major museums are found here, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the British Museum and the Natural History Museum. There’s also Buckingham Palace, the home of the Royal Family. Visitors can access some of the rooms and watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony.

Beautiful aerial views are available by booking one of the 32 capsules at the London Eye. Its location by the River Thames secures a breathtaking view. The houses of parliament are the nerve centre of politics here, Big Ben is the name given to the famous clock tower at Westminster Palace. This location has been featured in countless films over the years.

New Zealand

Imagine a land mass the size of the United Kingdom, but which only has 4.5 million residents. That is New Zealand! Its stunning views have been immortalised by the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The actual set of Hobbiton is situated outside the Waikato town of Matamata.

The wildlife is unique in NZ. The popularity is ethnically diverse, and includes the Maori people who are a significant part of the country’s history.

Not everyone wants to just sight see; others want to be physically active. New Zealand has so much to offer here, from surfboarding and swimming to skiing and parachuting. People can tray kayaking or horseback riding, and the list runs and runs.

The darkest skies on the planet exist in New Zealand, making it a star gazer’s paradise. Tourists can visit Tekapo’s Mount John Conservatory or Big Sky Stargazing at Mount Cook.

Photo: Pixabay

The Niagara Falls

Few people have never seen a picture of this vast and stunning waterscape. It is truly a natural wonder of the world. The Niagara Falls is actually the name of two cities, because it is located on two borders: those of the United States and Canada.

Visitors can enjoy a half-hour trip on the Maid of the Mist. Getting wet is guaranteed! The Niagara Parks Journey is found behind the falls. Tourists are able to take an elevator downwards into a range of tunnels which act as viewing galleries of the water descending from the Horseshoe Falls. Cyclists can enjoy one of the world’s top ten cycle routes nearby. End to end this is sixty kilometres in length.

The Philippines

People can avoid the tourist levels found in Vietnam and Thailand by coming here. Nearly everyone will understand you if you speak in English. There are amazing beaches such as those found at Boracay Island. The city of Vigan betrays its Spanish history with its buildings and cobbled streets. Manila is the capital, and once again it reveals its Spanish colonial architecture. People usually spend a day here before travelling elsewhere.

One of the natural wonders of the world is found at the Puerto Princesca Underground River in Palawan. This stunning river stretches for five miles and offers unforgettable views.

Travelling by plane can open the doors to incredible destinations, of which these have been but a few. Look online for more information and ideas, and be sure to make that dream happen!

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