Check out how Tourism Industry is adjusting to “Make Travel Safe”


Safety is the Upmost Priority

In addition to hurting the travel industry, the pandemic tore down our sense of travel safety.

Now, as re-opening begins, travel companies are doing their best to enact policies, plans, and new measures to keep everyone safe.

Check out the ways in which travel has changed to ensure the safety of all. 

Airlines are Requiring Everyone to Wear Masks

Many airlines, like United, American, and Delta, have instituted new rules such as requiring all flyers to wear masks. Though there were reports that some travelers were not following the rules, recently seven major U.S. carriers have agreed to inform travelers of the rule before they arrive at the airport and impose strict penalties for those who don’t follow the rule, like removals and fly bans.  

Hotel Room Ionization

Some hotels are implementing new technology to make guestrooms safe for visitors. In addition to full room sanitation every third day, the rooms at Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve in Puerto Rico will undergo three hours of ionization following guest check out. Ionization uses electrically-charged air molecules to purify the room air of particulates, microbes, and odors. There is some research that shows ionization can stop the spread of viruses like COVID-19. 

Hotels are Offering Health Care Memberships

Four Montage Hotels & Resorts properties and two Pendry Hotels & Resorts properties will be offering guests a new amenity: health care memberships with One Medical. The 24/7 virtual health care service is provided to guests for 30 days through a mobile app. Guests can take advantage of services like prescription renewals, remote health assessments, and doctor’s appointments with a nearby One Medical office. 

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