Hotelier says “Maya Train will be a trigger for the hotel sector in Yucatán”


Mérida, Yucatán.- (August 26, 2020).- The director of Mérida’s Hotel Holly, Olivia Guzmán Durán, assured that the Mayan Train will trigger for the hotel sector; the economic impact will be reflected in all areas and services and will also be a fundamental part of the economic growth and development of the region.

“The Maya Train will be a great economic trigger for the hotel sector in Yucatan, as it will bring with it a strong increase in the number of nights of accommodation in the city, and this effect will be felt from the moment the construction work begins,” she said.

According to the hotelier, all those people, men, and women who come from other parts of the country to work in Mérida for this project will have to find accommodation for several days, during the construction of the project. “It will be a great benefit for us, hotel entrepreneurs,” she said.

In addition to this, the businesswoman considered that they are going to invest in different services provided by sectors such as the restaurant, hotel, transportation, among others.

“Tourists and business travelers will need hotels, will consume food and other items, use transport, visit museums or archaeological sites, they have the purchasing power to buy clothes, accessories, among other things,” she continued.

For Guzmán Durán, the train will be a fundamental part of the growth and economic development of the region. “I am convinced that we are at the right time to launch the activation of our economy with the Maya Train project in Southeast Mexico,” she highlighted.

Before the health contingency for COVID-19, the hotel sector had an occupancy between 80 and 90 percent throughout the year, but right now, the percentage is very low, so that is why she considers that the economic reactivation of the southeast is with the Mayan Train could be contributing strongly to the resurgence of the economy in Yucatan.

“The Maya Train will not only be cargo but will also serve passengers and tourism, so the outlook for the hotel sector is positive since each of the visitors will generate a greater economic spill, as it happens in other parts of the world, where the great potential that the train brings when communicating with other states is shown, which represents a strong economy with great dynamism”, said Olivia Guzmán Durán.

The director of Mérida’s Hotel Holly, Olivia Guzmán Durán

Hotel Holly is a family business located just a few steps from the emblematic Paseo de Montejo in Mérida, Yucatán, with more than 40 rooms and which employs more than 16 people.

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