How much have flight prices dropped?


It depends on the destination and time of day — both when you’re browsing and when you’re booking. I found a flight from Boston to San Juan for $23 and Dallas to LA for $31 USD — both flying as early as the first week of June. In February, you would’ve paid around $300.

Flight prices aren’t the only thing to drop. The total number of flights has plummeted, too. shows 109,732 commercial flights occurred on Feb. 28. On April 12, that figure dropped to 23,926.

Normally, costs might be higher with such a limited selection, but flight prices are at record lows.

The lack of demand for travel has caused many airlines to reduce flights and others to shut down completely. United Airlines, for example, announced a 90% schedule reduction for April and May while American Airlines will drop capacity by 60% through May.

Most airlines are updating policies and notices as public health and government officials release new information on the COVID-19 crisis, so summer and fall travel might have difficult regulations compared to spring.

Source: C