Over 300 Canadians are Quarantined in Yucatan


Progreso Yucatan: Because the direct flight from Merida-Toronto, Canada was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many Canadians remain locked in houses in Yucatan communities and wait for the health emergency to pass to return to their country, Miguel said López Becerra, who serves the Canadian community in this city.

Before Canada closed its borders and the Mérida-Toronto flight was canceled, the vast majority of Canadians who arrived in beach communities of Yucatan for the winter managed to return to their country, but just over 300 stayed in Yucatan


López Becerra lives on a property on 23rd Street between 40 and 42 east of this city, a path where Canadian couples reside.

In an interview, López Becerra pointed out that he teaches Spanish classes to foreign residents, serves as a guide and adviser for them to rent houses and spend their winter holidays in the port communities of Yucatan.


Before the confinement by the Covid-19, López Becerra met with foreign residents, Canadians, British, and Australians who spend long periods in this city, Chelem and Chicxulub, but since mid-March communication has been through social and mobile networks.

“Canadians who stayed in the port are locked in their homes, they do not go out, they no longer meet, they are complying with the authorities’ provisions to stay home to prevent infections, so they only go to supermarkets, or order by phone, They ask for food and groceries so as not to leave their homes and expose themselves, “he said.


Senior foreigners

Canadians know that there has only been one case of Covid-19 in this port, he added, they are aware that the measure of staying at home is correct, so they are confined since most are seniors and in their homes, they wait for the emergency to pass and resume daily activities, to meet in the restaurants and homes

He also said that Canadians who returned to their country have said they will return in November for winter break, as they do every year

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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