Checklist before you leave on your Mexican vacation

  1. Check your destination with the U.S. State Department. Places in Mexico that are historically tourist in nature, such as Cancun, Mexico City, Acapulco, and Puerto Vallarta, are not on the warning list.
  2. Make copies of your valuable documents. Send a copy to yourself in an email to have access from any computer in case they get lost.
  3. Don’t pack valuable jewelry or other items which could be easily stolen.
  4. Share your travel itinerary with a family member. Don’t share it with fellow passengers.
  5. Make sure you have your bank and credit card information. Get the international phone number. You might also want to let your company know you’re traveling, so that they don’t deny a transaction.
  6. Get a money belt to wear under your clothes to carry money. A money belt is not the same as a fanny pack.
  7. Have a backup plan in case your credit card is lost or swallowed by an ATM machine.
  8. Have the number to the local consulate.
  9. Know your wireless data information.

The Mazatlan Post