Puerto Escondido: Mexico’s chillest surf town

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As far as Mexican beach destinations go, Puerto Escondido hits a sweet spot: moderately developed, laid back, well-touristed but still blissfully free of the sterile resorts and hordes of spring breakers in Cancún and other hotspots. 

Instead, you’ll encounter a mix of affable locals, surfboard-wielding Aussies, party-hard backpackers, and juice-wielding wellness types, all commingling in a laid-back state of shirtless- and/or shoelessness on the southern-Pacific coast.

By day, there’s world-class surfing, scuba diving, fishing, yoga, and anything else you can think of doing in or around the sand. By night, there are incredible sunsets, cheap mezcal, DJs, and impromptu dance parties on the beach. 

A bevy of newly constructed restaurants and hostels are making landfall here, and planes arriving at the tiny airport are growing suspiciously larger. Now’s the time to experience Puerto Escondido.

Resultado de imagen de puerto escondido


Resultado de imagen de puerto escondido

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